What cameras were used to take these photographs?

The photographs on this site were taken with a variety of different cameras, with variations largely based on when the photos were taken.  My main cameras and lenses were originally Canon, specifically EOS-1D and 5Ds, with "L" glass almost exclusively.  
Of the course of time, and as my travel took me around the world, it became quite a chore to carry this type of equipment , so I shifted to Mirrorless, with my main travel camera being a Sony Alpha (several models including NEX 5, 6, 6000).  These little all cameras take wonderful photos, but are small enough (even with several lenses), to easily stow in a carry-on.  
Most recently I've made a shift to Micro 4/3 (MFT), using the Olympus OMD Mk5-II.  This camera is a bit larger than the Sony, but offers a few more SLR type features.  Also the lens selection and quality is a bit better, IMHO.  All of the lenses I'm using are weather sealed, as is the camera, and that's not an option for the small Sony's at this point.
If you have questions about what gear was used for what shot, just ask!